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Garden Soil

Did you know?

On average you will save 25% of materials by blowing instead of the traditional wheelbarrow and man power way.

Blowing Materials

If you have ever spread mulch yourself, you know how time consuming it can be, along with the amount of energy and mess it makes. Buying bagged mulch means wear and tear on your back by carrying the bulky, messy bags. If you have a small area to cover, it is no

big deal but covering large areas can done an easier way.


Mulch blowing is a single application that is cost and time efficient,

covering your entire area in one afternoon without any labor, mess or

potential damage to you property.

One of the biggest advantages is the speed of installation.


Why Mulch Blowing is Ideal


Sprays in the exact location without over spraying or damaging surrounding property such as grounds & shrubs.


Blow large amount of landscape products in a fraction of time it would take manpower to do so.


No equipment needed to trek through your yard, just a 4" diameter hose.

Wheelbarrow & Rake VS. Blower

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Wheelbarrow & Rake

  • Labor intensive

  • Time consuming

  • Potential for injuries

  • Wasted materials from application

  • Higher costs


  • No manual labor

  • Time efficient

  • Reduces property damage

  • Save on cost from using less materials and spreads evenly

  • Lower labor costs

  • Easier access to hard to reach areas such a steep hills

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